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$1,000 a Day on Pinterest , Tumblr’s 20 Billionth Post and Tweet Like Lady Gaga | This Week in Social Media

by Richard Retyi on April 2, 2012

Confessions of a Pinterest Spammer

Pinterest’s algorithm is designed to reward valuable engagement like re-pins, likes, and comments, but according to one enterprising hacker, it’s one of the easiest social networks to spam. A 24-year-old named Steve created multiple accounts on Pinterest and began a campaign of spamming in February. Soon, he was driving so much traffic to purchases that he was making $1,000 a day. Pinterest has since shut the campaign down, but other spammers are no doubt out there. With the potential for increased non-valuable content, it’s more important than ever for brands to put their best foot forward on the platform to stand out. The Daily Dot

Tumblr Hits 20 Billion Total Posts

Popular micro-blogging platform Tumblr hit a major milestone last week, registering its 20 billionth post. Due to the simplicity and ease of the site and its popularity with a younger demographic, Tumblr boasts nearly 50 million total blogs on its network – not far off WordPress’ estimated 72 million blogs. Tumblr generates roughly 50 million posts per day, which skew towards photos and brief, highly shareable. Mashable

How to Get As Many Twitter Followers as Lady Gaga

How do you get as many Twitter followers as Lady Gaga? The answer is not practice – it’s Fame. A new website is holding a daily Twitter lottery of sorts where users authorize the company to access their Twitter accounts to enter them into a daily drawing. The winner is automatically followed by all of the entrants for 24 hours, after which all losing accounts automatically unfollow the winner and the process begins with a new winner. What would you do if you had one million Twitter followers for 24 hours? Maybe Gaga will lend you one of her hats? Fame

Richard Retyi is the Social Media Director at Fluency Media. He has a decade of public relations and social media experience working with global brands like Chevrolet and building the University of Michigan athletic department’s social media infrastructure. He’s a freelance writer, a former high school teacher and a Canadian. Check back often to see more posts from Richard at blog.fluencymedia.com

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